I went networking & actually spoke 🙊🙈

Well that was a whole new experience for me but I must say being pushed completely out of my comfort zone and into a totally new environment was somewhat liberating.  So Ben has always done networking in dribs and drabs in the whole 12 years I have known him and it doesn’t faze him in the slightest. I have been with him a few times in the early days but I hardly ever got involved, my anxiety hits a high and I just lose all confidence  in myself which is hard.

But on Tuesday morning not totally bright eyed and bushy tailed but with my game face on and a statement red lippy I headed to a Networking brunch with Ben called Yoo2be. One I have never been to before,but with both girls at school I thought why not…….I need to do this for me, so I put on my big girl pants so to speak and off we went. Now the whole way there and actually even before we left home I was adamant and kept telling Ben there was no way I was getting up to do the 60  seconds intro round because my anxiety was high and I did not want to talk to anyone. To be quite honest I felt physically sick, and was trying all I could not to go in at all.

Fast forward half an hour and we arrived at the most gorgeous golf and country club, we were the first ones there, which helped calm the nerves and ease the feelings of anxiety and sickness. But sure enough people began arriving, some of which I knew which made it easier to approach and chat, but I was still by this time adamant there was absolutely no way I was doing the 60 seconds…….More arrived and I managed to string sentences together that actually made some sense…… 😥😳 Yay my positive mindset kicked in and I kept telling myself I can do this I am a strong independent lady and I don’t need to hide in hubby’s shadow, I can be confident.

Sandwiches,chips and drinks all provided, we all settled for the meeting and the Chamomile tea was really helpful in calming my nerves. Looking round the room I soon came to the realisation I was the only female in a room of 10 business men, and there was little old me with my little written out script with help from Ben……..I still wasn’t sure I could do it, I felt sick and I’d never gotten up and spoken before,because the other networking group we attend together I have refused to get up at all. Anyway they went round the room, all telling the group a little about who they were and about there business, when it finally came to me…………..🙈😳. But I took a huge breath in and out and I stood up, legs wobbly, stomach doing somersaults and my anxiety looming over me. But the words came and I managed to divert a little off script and get through my 60 seconds, and I could not be more pleased with myself. If last week you’d told me at just a week later I would get up in a room full of established businessmen and told them about me and my little blog and you tube channel and also managed to gain some work for next year on a workshop then I’d have laughed at you and said you were mad.

I was commended on how well I did with it being my first time, I am excited to go back in a fortnights time. I have come to the conclusion that the more I do it and the more I try the better I will get and the better I will feel. You’ll only know if you can push through your anxieties by doing and from now on that’s how I want to approach new and scary situations.

 Thank you so much for reading                                                                           

Kayleigh x                                                                                                                 

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Oh My God Georgie is 4!!!!

Wow I feel like we have blinked and the last 4 years have gone by in a flash, which has got me feeling all kinds of nostalgia. I definitely wasn’t totally ready!!!

How can our can our little baby bear be 4??? When we found out I was pregnant with Georgie it came as a huge shock because well, we just weren’t trying. So she was our amazing little surprise. Now our tiny 6lb 1 baby girl is 4 and loving life and really coming into her own lovely personality, and I know I am biased but I just love her and her big sister so so much. They are our world……

Anyway I am straying off track and waffling…..So back to Little Bear turning 4, as a family we have suffered some heartbreak in the last few weeks and to be fair Georgie’s birthday could not have come at a more perfect time. We have had a super duper weekend, spending time with family and Georgie requested a party and although it was all a little last minute rush organisation she absolutely loved it,we got a few of her nursery friends and some family and headed to a local play pit. I was unable to video or get many pics due to the general public being in there too. But i have got a few pics from the weekend and from her actual birthday on Monday which she spent with myself and daddy running a few errands and seeing a bit of how daddy does his work.

Turning 4 is a start to a huge new adventure for Georgie, it means 7 months left in preschool before she heads off to School in September. An adventure to which she may be more than ready for, but mummies emotions may not be…….I feel like we have only just sent Megan off to school 5 minutes ago…….How can we be getting ready to send off our baby to school? My heart is totally not ready for it all.

Apologies I have waffled on again, but I wasn’t quite sure where I was heading with this post other than celebrating Georgie turning 4.

Just as an ending to this short waffle (I am sorry I will be better), November 14th marks a year since I set up the blog and I have many exciting things to come to send my blog and my new you tube channel soaring.

Thank you for reading

Kayleigh x

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Wow I’ve been blogging a year!


My gosh that’s gone by quick how have I been blogging a year next week!!! How the hell did that happen……well anyway its been a crazy 2018 of ups and downs, work picking up and starting our you tube channel.

I haven’t always been as active as i’d like to be but in the coming months and as we edge closer to 2019 I want to make a proper go of things and build my following both on here and my channel. There are many exciting things to come on of which I am unable to disclose as yet but I promise its coming…..


I started this blogging thing as an outlet really somewhere for me to voice my ramblings but I have written many different things and I must admit I have loved it, be it parent ramblings, days out, product reviews, and many other subjects. I intend to devise a proper plan over the coming months so I have regular posts coming out, some linked in with you tube videos. As myself and Ben have our own media management business we invested in some up to date equipment which meant I got my own Canon G7X which the girls absolutely love especially Megan as she is able to wander off and get her own footage, which daddy lovingly edits for us.

So I know this is only a short post but I would love to know what you guys would love to see on the blog in the  future I am open to anything. Also if there’s anything you’d like us to film for the  you tube channel again we are open to anything.

Things to watch out for are an amazing project I have been privileged to be a part of and an amazing collaboration

Thank you for reading

Kayleigh x

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Oktoberfest weekend

So a last weekend we were at Oktoberfest all weekend which was amazing. Got to love a festival! There are a couple of videos up on our you tube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnCqVemIcuz1QMJ0qzHJZuA

Please check them out on the above link.

What a fun filled weekend it was spending time with friends and family, myself and Ben letting our hair down on Saturday with a child free afternoon/evening whilst our babies were at Nannie and grandads.

Lovely as always to catch up with Ben’s uncle and chill with a good drink and some good food. Was great being in the VIP area right next to the music stage with a seat and a blanket for when the weather dropped cold which it inevitably did later on in the evening. 

Few of the lovely drinks I personally sampled some in my complementary Shropshire Oktoberfest glass.

My amazing sloe gin cocktail from the equally amazing Monkhide.

Shropshire festivals are the best and most amazing festival company in Shropshire and the festivals they put on are always amazing.

Sunday was family day at the festival so as our family tradition goes we took the girls for a fabulous day out and Megan absolutely loved vlogging our day, Georgie even had a go with the camera too which was great.

We partook in Volvo’s carpool karaoke and had fun in the mud, lots of great food the girls got ice creams and large marshmallows. We made more great friendships and listened to great music. Family day also meant exciting things for the girls to do including the giant inflatable assault course. Sadly I didn’t get this on the vlog or any pics but it’s safe to say they absolutely loved it.

After a long busy weekend the girls were shattered on the Sunday night and eventually went to bed 🙈

I think I’ve rambled on alittle too much in this one. Hope you’ve enjoyed it though,if your ever in the Shropshire area you should check out a Shropshire festivals event if there’s one going on. The next one and final one for 2018 is winter festival coming in early December.

Thank you for reading

Kayleigh x

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So it’s World Mental Health Day

I feel drawn to write this one in aid of world mental health day because for the past 15 or so years my mental health hasn’t been it’s best. Lots of things have happened in my life to spiral my mental health out of control. Whether it’s been loss or heartbreak or just generally feeling completely MEH….. Until around 9/10 years ago I had a handle on it all without the aid of medication.

But I when I was working in a nursery setting 10years ago my mental health took a turn for the worse. Baring in mind this was not down to the children not one bit they were fantastic and to this day I still miss the kids I looked after. But I found myself in a slump and because of that I suffered depression so severely that I found myself on the sick and having to attend the doctors to seek medication and CBT. I really struggled for 12months and just couldn’t see an end to it all. So much so I was getting drunk, smoking not wanting to see people and I couldn’t Invision myself going back to the job I originally loved so much.

The medication helped lift my mood and talking to someone really was the best thing I could have done for me. I ended up giving up my job and going to work with hubby there started my journey to being self employed. I’ve never properly worked for anyone else since.

I took medication for a long time but managed to get weaned off it so to speak to the point I now control my own mental health without meds or at least I do try. I have the odd times when I feel extremely low and wonder if I need to seek medical assistance again but so far I am doing alright.

The girls coming along really helped with that. The chance to be a mum was nothing short of a miracle for me. And I wouldn’t do anything to change that they are my world.

Without these gorgeous girls this mamas mental health may have been worse.

I do still suffer the odd bouts of depression and I suffer with anxiety a lot and sometimes I would rather stay in bed than adult but I have to for the girls and I will continue to do so for the rest of my life.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Let’s squash the mental health taboo one day at time.

#worldmentalhealthday #mentalhealthawareness

Kayleigh x

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Exciting things to come

After being a little down lately due to various things happening in our personal lives that have rocked us to the core. We are hopefully set on a happy course with lots of exciting things to come.

We have a few more weeks where sad things are unavoidable, but slowly we are getting there, as a couple me and hubby are investing more and more time in Moogies our media management business with more work coming in.

This week sparks the beginning of a very busy few weeks for us with regards to events and festivals, starting with The Tow show this week which includes a mummy and daddy night out dressed to the nines which doesn’t happen very often 😂 Then a possible food festival this weekend which should be fun. Next weekend is a fab weekend in our calendar it’s the second year of Shropshire Oktoberfest which we love and can’t wait to be apart of.

We also have some exciting things planned with the girls with Halloween on the horizon which Megan absolutely loves. Over the next few weeks and months I intend to start making a proper go with my you tube channel and keeping up with the blog. Really want to get to a point where I can make money from doing something I love and something Megan loves too. She’s so excited to get a proper vlogging camera so watch this space.

Personally I have been working on a project with an amazing bunch of ladies through Instagram but there will be a blog and possible vlog at later date. But I promise you you’ll love it and it’s something that’s thrown me completely out of my comfort zone.

Pic above is an oldie but one of my faves and just shows Megan loving life using grandads camera and being with Nannie. She just loves photography and vlogging.

Ok so I think that’s enough for now as I best get school bits organised and get some kip.

Thank you for reading

Kayleigh x

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Georgie’s school application😭

How is it that time again?

Only seems like 5minutes ago we were applying for Megan’s school place. How can it be that time again now for Georgie? Totally not ready for it, she’s still my baby. How can it be that this time next year she’ll be heading on to a new adventure of school…….

This term we have changed her days at preschool so she now does 2full days and loves it instead of the 5 days of 3hr sessions she’s done which she had done since she turned 2 and started nursery. She is loving the fact she gets to have lunch in the school hall like all the bigger kids.

I must admit I am very anxious as I was with Megan about whether Georgie will get in to the 1st choice school and how she will cope jumping from doing 2full days at nursery to doing 5. Being our last baby this is the final time we will do the whole going to big school thing. Next will be Megans secondary school choices which will be upon us before we know it.

It’s all a little overwhelming to be quite honest but for our girls I push through my anxieties because I know we are raising strong, brave young ladies and they will do amazing no matter what they set there mind too.

Going to nursery worked wonders for Megan and it’s done the same so far for Georgie and I am sure it will continue to do so,she’s a little star and surprises us with the courage on a daily basis.

Ok so this was just a short one, continue to flourish my babies, mummy and daddy are so proud of you both.

Thank you for reading

Kayleigh x